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The cities of Helgeland

Brønnøysund – The coastal city of Helgeland

Brønnøysund is the main coastal city along this stretch of Norway’s coastline – midway between Lindens and Nordkapp – and is situated in Brønnøy Municipality in the south of Nordland County. Brønnøy borders against Grane and Vefsn to the east and the Atlantic Ocean to the west. Brønnøysund is an idyllic small city situated at the junction of sea and land, and has played a role over the centuries as a vital harbor along the Helgeland coastline. The origin of this place name derives from the many “brønn” or freshwater sources, which were of much benefit to seafarers. The city was established around 1900 and currently has a population of 5,000.

Brønnøysund is a modern city with a small town atmosphere and has an attractive guest marina, daily service by the Norwegian Coastal Express, a local airport and a wide variety of services.


Sandnessjøen is the administrative center of Alstahaug Municipality, has city status, and is the main transportation hub in Helgeland. There is also a modern hospital here. Sandnessjøen is a community center for the surrounding districts. A long and vast dockside makes Sandnessjøen a busy port of call with local boats and the Norwegian Coastal Express calling here daily. The ships’ passengers enjoy exploring the city, and it has become popular for the “land crabs” to go aboard and enjoy some coffee and treats while the ships have an extended dockside stay in the middle of each day.

Mosjøen – The city in the middle of Norway

Mosjøen is Helgeland’s oldest city, the next oldest city in Nordland County and is located in Vefsn Municipality. Vefsn has approximately 13,450 inhabitants, among which around 10,000 reside in Mosjøen. Mosjøen is known as a city of music and culture. Countless concerts and performances are held annually – including everything from small café-based concerts to major productions in the city’s cultural center. In the city’s old part of town, with Sjøgata (i.e. Seaside Avenue) representing center stage, you will find a variety of stores and handicraft shops. This area also features a diverse selection of galleries and art exhibits. There are also long traditions with the local café culture in Mosjøen, and Sjøgata was especially well known for its coffee shops.

Mo I Rana

Mo i Rana is located innermost on the Rana Fjord at the junction of E6 and E12. Mo i Rana is one of the gateways to the exciting Land of the Arctic Circle. An airport, railway station and 2 European Highways, along with well established offerings within commerce and services, emphasize the importance of this regional center.

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