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The Helgeland Coastline

There are a total of 18 municipalities in Helgeland. The gateway to the Helgeland coastline along Kystriksveien (i.e. the coastal route) from the south is the town of Bindal. The coastal route winds its way up through the coastal municipalities of Sømna, Brønnøy and Vevelstad, along with the island municipality of Vega as a quick “island hop” beyond the coastal city of Brønnøysund. Brønnøysund is the community center in the southern part of the Helgeland coastline.

We proceed to Sandnessjøen in Alstahaug Municipality. Sandnessjøen is situated at the foot of the mountain chain known as «De syv søstre» (Eng. The Seven Sisters) and is the community center for the middle section of the Helgeland coastline. Sandnessjøen is an ideal base from which to explore one or more of the roughly 12,000 islands in the island world around the island municipalities of Dønna and Herøy.

Nesna Municipality is another gateway to the Land of the Arctic Circle. This northern part of the Helgeland coastline consists of the municipalities of Lurøy, Rødøy and Træna with the popular island peaks Rødøyløva and Hestmannen as natural destinations along with the island community of Lovund on the outer rim of the archipelago.

Inland Helgeland

The municipalities of Grane, Hattfjelldal and Vefsn represent the southernmost municipalities of inland Helgeland. Highway E6 continues from the Gateway to Northern Norway near the county limits for Nordland to Mosjøen in Vefsn municipality before crossing over Korgen Mountain and leading into Hemnes municipality. Hemnes and Rana are the two northernmost municipalities of inland Helgeland, with the city of Mo I Rana as the community center of this area. Rana is the gateway to Svartisen from the south.

After passing through Rana, highway E6 enters the Saltfjellet mountain area on the way north to Bodø.
Coast Municipalities - along Kystriksveien
     - Hugløya
     - Tomma
     - Lovund
     - Sleneset
Inland Municipalities - along E6
:Mo I Rana