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National Parks

Børgefjell National Park

One of Norway’s oldest and largest national parks (1,447 sq. km.). There are neither marked trails nor tourist huts in the park. It is desolate, wild and beautiful and most suitable for experienced mountain-goers even if the terrain is easy to maneuver. The park is a good spot for hunting small game and grouse. There is also excellent trout fishing. Overnight options include a small number of open huts and some rental cabins.

Saltfjellet Mountain / Svartisen (Glacier) National Park

This national park may well represent most diverse park in all of Norway. The Svartisen glacier covers a vast 375 sq. km and extends from the expansive plains of Saltfjellet to the fjords and sheer mountain faces along the coast. Svartisen is comprised of two separate glaciers: Vestisen and Østisen (i.e. the western and eastern “ice” respectively). Vesterdalen Valley, which separates the two glaciers, became free of ice fairly recently. The glacial landscape features alluvial plains of sand and clay deposits which are subject to constant change by the glacial rivers. Loud rumbling can sometimes be heard among the glacial lakes when they “calve” (i.e. as large pieces of ice break off).

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Terje Rakke Nordic Life IN
Copyright: Terje Rakke Nordic Life IN
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