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Travel routes and old roads

Kystriksveien – The World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Route

Kystriksveien from Steinkjer to Bodø is referred to by many travelers as the world’s most beautiful tourist route. A trip along this route provides wonderful experiences for visitors traveling by car and perhaps especially for all of you who choose to do it on your bikes. Here you will encounter many popular sites of interest such as Torghatten Island, The Seven Sisters mountain chain, Svartisen glacier and Saltstraumen maelstrom. They are scattered along this route like pearls on a chain and are easily accessible.

E6 – The Main Transport Artery through inland Helgeland

While driving up from the south via E6, you enter the Helgeland region once you are a mere 300 km north of Trondheim at Majavatn Lake and the tourist information office “Gateway to Northern Norway”. The Gateway to Northern Norway is an excellent location to obtain information for the continuation of your trip northward. E6 winds its way through the municipalities of Grane, Vefsn/Mosjøen, Hemnes, and Rana/Mo I Rana, before the journey proceeds over the Saltfjellet Mountains towards Bodø. Side trips out along the coast may be made just north of Majavatn Lake, and near Mosjøen and Mo I Rana.

The Wilderness Route – An Exciting Alternative

An alternative route to E6 is The Wilderness Route (RV73/FV 806) – a route consisting of inland roads through the mountain villages of Nordland County from Majavatn in the south to Korgen in the north, where this route rejoins highway E6 again.

Roads and Highways – From Coast to Coast

The Sagavegen highway takes travelers on a magnificent journey from the Helgeland coastline in Norway to Bottenhavet Sea in Sweden. This route passes the border at Hattfjelldal, and traverses inland Helgeland on its way from coast to coast. The Krutfjellvegen and Blå Vegen routes are two additional and exciting travel options in Helgeland.

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Coast Municipalities - along Kystriksveien
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Inland Municipalities - along E6
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