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It is easy to get to Helgeland

By car:
If you are driving north on E6 from the southern part of Norway, you will reach the realm of the "Helgelanders" (Grane Municipality) once you are about 300 km north of Trondheim. An alternative route involves exiting E6 at Steinkjer and driving north via highway Rv 17. If you are driving south from the northern part of Norway, you can take the inland route on E6 or highway Rv 17 (Kystriksveien) from Bodø. From Sweden, you enter Helgeland once you cross the border either via Sagavegen (RV804/FV296) or via Krutfjellvegen (RV73).

By plane:
Nearest airport south of Helgeland: Værnes Airport about 300 km south of Helgeland. Nearest airport north of Helgeland: Bodø Airport. Airports in Helgeland: Brønnøysund, Mosjøen, Mo I Rana. The Widerøe airline services the inland routes with departures to Helgeland from Værnes and Bodø.

By train (Nordlandsbanen):
It takes just under 6 hours to reach Mosjøen from Trondheim, while the train uses about 4 hours to reach Mosjøen from Bodø. There is daily bus service from Mosjøen and Grong to Brønnøysund.

Via “Hurtigruta” – The Norwegian Coastal Express/Voyage:
Brønnøysund and Sandnessjøen are serviced daily by Hurtigruta – «The World’s Most Beautiful Coastal Voyage. »

Bus/Car Rental:
Helgeland has excellent bus connections between the coastal and inland regions while Hertz and AVIS provide car rental services in both Mosjøen and Brønnøysund.

Eksternal URLs
Hegelandske: Ferje/Hurtigbåt Helgeland sør/midt
Torghatten trafikkselskap: Ferje/Hurtigbåt Helgeland sør
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Kollektivtrafikk Nordland
Rutebok for Norge

Coast Municipalities - along Kystriksveien
     - Hugløya
     - Tomma
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Inland Municipalities - along E6
:Mo I Rana